Chapter 52

This is my fifty-second trip around the sun. In some ways, it doesn’t seem possible. In my head, I feel mid-thirties at the oldest, but my muscles and joints have their own age. If you know what I mean, then you know what I mean. I finally feel like I have enough courage to tackle my bucket […]

The Hardest Part of Writing

Ask any writer what the hardest part of writing is, and I’m sure you’ll hear things like “getting started,” “writing blurbs,” “editing,” etc. I struggle with two parts more than anything else; choosing names for my characters and writing movement. We all have names that make us cringe because it reminds us of someone we […]

I was born a writer

I believe I was born a writer, but that hasn’t always been a good thing. I’m a good liar. Never, and I repeat never, play Balderdash with me. If my mom is on my team, do yourself a favor and go home. You’ll never make it. Now, that sounds horrible, but let me explain. I […]