Madam President

and her dragon bodygaurd

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Madam president

and her dragon bodygaurd

As the President of the United States, Angela Bishop protects every American. But who protects her?

Blake Sullivan is the youngest son of the oldest dragon clan in North America. He was his father’s favorite until his mate’s murder sent him into a tailspin that ended with him wandering the world. Alone. Which was just how he wanted it.

Angela Bishop never wanted to be in politics. After her husband died, she was approached with an offer she couldn’t refuse. She never dreamed that offer would lead to the White House. Today, as the first female president, she brings a unique spin on world politics, but not everyone appreciates it.

Now, when a wizard sets his sights on world domination combining his magic with nanotechnology, Blake has to harness his anger and protect Angela, even though, she’s the one person who could destroy all dragons.

A woman in pearls is a dangerous creature.

A sweet fantasy this terrific tale gives us a strong intelligent mother and a dragon shifter who is strong enough to keep up with her. 

D. Antonio,

Amazon Reviewer

A thrilling story that blends the supernatural with humans and politics.


Amazon Reviewer

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